Happy Earth Day!

At Ooooby Every Day

is Earth Day

Earth Day is a celebration of our beautiful planet and all she provides.

Everyone is encouraged to spend the day prioritising sustainability and showing an appreciation for our Home and the bounty she provides to all of us, every day. 

For us at Ooooby, every day is Earth Day.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

If you feel the same, here are some simple actions and tips to make a difference today, over the weekend, and every day of the year.

1. Plant something – a flower, some herbs, a plant, or even a tree. Trees provide shade and help absorb water that would otherwise runoff into storm drains.

2. Choose organic, if you can. Organic farming is better for the environment because it reduces pollution, saves water, and is better for the soil and for the beings living in the soil and eating the food. 

3. Take shorter showers. Reduce your water usage by opting for a 5-minute shower.

4. Ride your bike or walk wherever and whenever you can. For longer distances, opt for public transportation or carpool whenever possible. 

5. Buy local. Check out a local farm or local restaurant. If you’d rather shop from the comfort of your own home, remember Ooooby will deliver local, organic produce straight to your door.

6. Go meatless! Check out the incredible benefits for the Earth of going meatless even just one day a week here. 

6. Get outside! Take some time to smell the roses and appreciate what a beautiful world it truly is. 

7. Make a bird feeder out of a reusable carton for your yard. Learn how to make one with the kids this weekend here

8. Enjoy your Ooooby box and celebrate the beautiful bounty of this precious Earth! Share a nourishing meal with family and friends, acknowledging the countless beings and processes that made the meal possible.  

Understanding where your food comes from and how it was produced can make a huge impact. Have a look at our blog here about the difference between caged, free-range, pasture raised and organic eggs.