Organic vs Conventional Farming

Local vs. Organic – What’s More Important?

You’re shopping and you see two similar products. One is hand crafted by a local artisan but uses non-organic ingredients. The other is big-brand organic or imported. Both cost about the same.

Which one do you choose?

For me personally it’s really important that my family eats healthy organic food. But is that more important than supporting local businesses and saving a ton of food miles?

Both sides make a case, but ultimately it depends on your values, the impact of your decisions and your personal circumstances. If you are using food as medicine to fight cancer, you will probably go ultra-clean, if you have a large hungry family to feed, that will impact your decision too. If you are an eco-warrior, the planet will be your top priority.

Fortunately, we don’t always have to choose.

Ooooby has plenty of choice from excellent local organic farmers and artisan producers in NZ

For example, Ooooby sells organic AND local Terrace Edge olive oil – who were recently featured on Country Calendar. It is to die for, really! An absolute delight for $30. Amazing taste, earth friendly, healthy and made by good local people…

Still, 30 bucks is 30 bucks. Our family goes through a TON of olive oil, and unlike olives, cash doesn’t grow on trees. We would like a high quality everyday drizzler too.

More affordable options:

  • Ceres organic olive oil imported from Spain
  • NZ local stuff, but conventional.

Which would you choose?

One thought on “Local vs. Organic – What’s More Important?”

  1. I’d try the Terrace Edge for sure, but if I needed to DOWN-price the next choice would still be a NZ oil. I don’t like the heavy (to me) Spanish or Italian oils

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