NZ ‘Fart Tax’: Here’s why the government’s plans are full of hot air

Today farmers are protesting across New Zealand.

The NZ government is pushing forward with its unpopular plans to tax farmers for livestock “emissions”.

Farmers are already struggling as the costs of agricultural inputs, labour and energy go through the roof. Forcing them to pay more tax would be a knockout punch.

Food prices will certainly increase – possibly quite dramatically.

The government claims it is doing this because they say they need to prevent the next global emergency: climate change.

They admit it will cause a “reduction in quality of living” and “increased stress and mental health issues” (Section 4.4).

As co-CEO of Ooooby, a certified permaculture teacher and someone who lives on a sustainable farm, I can confidently say this:

It will be a disaster.

What about sustainable farms?

Politicians are pushing hard for a tax on farmers that will probably force many to stop farming. This will decimate rural communities and drive up food prices when New Zealanders are already struggling with increasing food prices.

I understand that conventional agriculture pollutes the environment. Science now proves that chemical sprays cause cancer and chronic disease.

Shouldn’t we be converting farms to organic?

Sustainable farms are sustainable. What’s the problem?

Organic, regenerative and biodynamic farms build soil, sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and produce nutrient-rich food.

They don’t use chemicals and artificial fertilisers. They are relatively immune to the rising costs of agricultural inputs. They tend to be smaller and use less energy.

Sustainable farms often employ more people than conventional farms. They keep money in local communities.

To anyone familiar with organics, the solution seems so obvious.

Government documents state they will be “supporting farmers and growers to transition to low-emissions land uses and systems, for example, through investment in regenerative agriculture practices” (Section 2.5).

But with a goal to reduce ’emissions’ to zero by 2050 it sounds like lip-service to me.

Organic farms are not exempt from the tax.

Instead, ‘mitigation strategies’ include precision use of chemicals, methane inhibitors and vaccines, genetic engineering (initially through breeding and later likely through biotech) and low methane feeds. Fonterra says it’s developing a ‘Cowbucha‘ to get rid of the ‘bad bugs’ in cow stomachs.

Bad bugs? Says who?

In my opinion, it’s all hubris.

And why a tax?

My formal education is in economics. Let me get this straight.

Governments around the world are going broke.

They have been virtually dropping money from helicopters the past couple of years. It has caused runaway inflation and recession means tax revenues will go down too.

At some point probably soon it will become impossible to service their debt – let alone ever repay it.

NZ Government Debt (in millions)

Bureaucrats have two options:

  1. Reduce the size of government and put themselves out of a job
  2. Or increase taxes

The government has forecasted their tax income to increase by 33% in the next 4 years (pg. 119).

Furthermore, the only solution to the next global emergency coincidentally increases revenues for the government and justifies radical government intervention and further spending?

But this is only to ‘save the planet’ and it has nothing to do with taxes.

Did I get that right?

Is meat destroying the planet?

On my own health journey, I have experimented with most diets from paleo to raw food vegan.

I am Canadian and have seen first hand how concentration camp farming is terrible for the environment, animal welfare and my health.

But in New Zealand? And why ignore organic agriculture as a solution?

There is a lot of talk about fake meat and eating insects as a “sustainable source of protein”.


Lab grown meat may not even be safe to eat.

I won’t even comment on eating bugs – unless you are feeding them to backyard chickens or aquaculture fish.

Science now proves that the more organic food you eat, the less likely you are to develop diseases like cancer, parkison’s and autism.

The Guardian recently declared organic farming to be the most dangerous.

This defies common sense.

The most famous farmer in the world and author Joel Salatin has debunked the New York Times on their article ‘The Myth of Sustainable Meat’. His TEDx talk ‘Cows, Carbon and Climate’ is a must watch too, if you want to learn more.

It doesn’t makes sense

Like many important topics today, it’s sad that there is no room for nuanced discussion. You’re either a meat-eating planet-destroyer or you’re an eco-fascist.

It’s clear that conventional farming is unsustainable. In a free market, skyrocketing fertiliser and chemical costs encourage farmers to convert to organic and sustainable methods.

This is already happening.

Comically, the government claims their plans “offer an opportunity for farmers, growers and rural communities to transition to more resilient and sustainable land use” (pg. 66).

But organic, biodynamic or regenerative farming is not included is their definition of ‘sustainable’ and will be taxed as well.

Their plan will only be successful at wiping out farms – the work horse of the New Zealand economy.

Local food is sustainable and healthy

If bureaucrats don’t wreck everything first, I see a day coming where organic food will be less expensive than conventional food.

An organic farmer can produce food at reasonable prices when knowledge of microbiology and manure is their source of soil fertility and pest control. Energy use and costs are reduced further when customers live nearby.

A local food system keeps the environment, people and communities healthy and resilient.

This is what Ooooby is all about.

In my view, we don’t need government intervention, biotechnology or corporations to feed us or ‘save the planet’.

Ronald Reagan famously said “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”

What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “NZ ‘Fart Tax’: Here’s why the government’s plans are full of hot air”

  1. Agree, this tax should be stopped. Farmers need to farm, people need to eat. Please protest, please band together with all your growers.

  2. I totally agree with you Fraser, but as an urban dwelling 70 year old I feel powerless to stop the governmental madness. We are growing our own vegetables & have some fruit trees; make our own compost & use animal manures from local farmers, along with seaweed fertilizer.
    I really sincerely trust that the Groundswell Movement is able to mobilize farmers to unite in total resistance, so the government HAS to back down.

  3. Yay, let common sense prevail.
    How do we get rid of massive dairy farm operations? Small scale organic, regenerate, mostly veggie farms are the future (I hope).

  4. I really appreciate the local and organic food provided by ooooby. This article is very educational and I totally agree with your opinions. Let the protest continue until the government stops the plan.

  5. We need to incentivise organic, regenerative practices and grow the demand for the products they produce.
    This should not be a simple ‘tax’ v ‘no tax’ debate. It involves a cultural shift to change our farming systems, literally from the ground up in some cases.
    Let’s not forget the concept of mana and shining lights such as Hua Parakore and its framework principles.
    We need to find our connections and common links so we can move forward together, with the whenua, not just upon it.

  6. The urban kiwis need to understand this affects all of us . We need to stand up and support our farmers.

  7. I am right with you. I hope more people get to read this and look at the links you provided. I downloaded them incase they are removed by another madness of censorship.

  8. Whether it’s organic farming or not cows will still fart and it’s this insane idea that they are pushing to claim a tax on . The planets climate has change a a few times throughout the geological record but never with this many humans …deforestation ..ecocide ..these are the things that alter a climate but these are never really looked at and yes local farming markets just like before globalisation if we still have oil …but isn’t farming the countries biggest earner? It is here in NZzz but then we have to realise there is an agenda here to break everything down so it can be reset …the gt reset ….and driven by the one world govt the UN since every nation is now a member state the IN 2030 agenda everyone ignored for decades is now being implemented …it’s not your govts idea nor is it mine it’s a directive and while I agree with you the bigger organisations driven by billion dollar corporations don’t and that’s who runs the world … your tax or get fined out of your farm or pay your tax or we out you in jail …and take over your farm …the nature of tyranny was always embedded in this system …few saw it but now it shows it’s face openly and it doesn’t matter who you vote for either …they hold the power and the force to bring you to your knees …I don’t know the answer ..fight back ..resist …?

    1. There certainly isn’t enough transparency in politics, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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