Thank you!

We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you for the support and patience you showed us during the craziness of lockdown. We REALLY APPRECIATE IT and we’re honoured to have been able to play our part in bringing you healthy local food. Hopefully contributing to keeping you healthy and happy at home with your bubbles.

Refer your friends and WIN!!

For every person that you successfully refer to Ooooby will give you $10 in Ooooby credit (using your own unique referral URL available from within your Ooooby account).

Your friend will also get $10 in credit. They too can enjoy a little “gift” from you. Who doesn’t love giving gifts…or receiving them?

On top of this, for every 5 friends you bring on board we will send YOU a FREE Box of Ooooby Goodness!

Still not fired up?

We want to take it one step further. For the next 3 months, every successful referral* you send our way will gain you entry into a lucky draw to win 1 YEAR FREE* of Ooooby produce!!!

Not bad right!?

Guaranteed referral credit… a chance to win big… get more people eating healthy organic food… support more local growers… reduce plastic… protect landscapes… and give your friends gifts!

A little help?

To get through the past few months we really had to ramp things up. It wasn’t easy operating under lockdown restrictions. Things are now “returning to normal” and we don’t want to have downsize or lose anyone from our awesome hard working team. 

We need nothing more from you than your kind words. Please tell people about us. If you like what we do and find value in our products, service, ethos and vision of helping to grow a resilient local food model, that supports organic small scale farmers and artisans, then please tell people. Point them in our direction, give them a nudge and get them to become part of the Ooooby family.

Go on then…. SHARE THE LOVE!!!

Want to know how to enter? Read HERE

*T’s and C’s apply