What is food?

What is food?

Picture it…

You’re in your kitchen or dining room. There are the wafts of mouth watering aromas, the clanging of pots and pans. Someone shouting for the salt, there’s music and laughter. The scene may seem like chaos, but is actually a well choreographed dance. Chopping and sautéing, tufts of flour in the air. The shifting of pans, the ignition of a stove flame.

Big bowls of hearty wholesome food. Beautiful succulent free range meats, fresh green organic salads. Pasta glistening with the generosity of love… and Olive oil. There is always olive oil and lots of it. Fresh artisan bread, broken apart and strewn across the table, crumbs and all. There is a mesh of hands and arms reaching and grabbing, sharing bowls and plates each filled with unique and delicious flavours.

There is the glugging and sloshing of wine, from bottle to glass and glass to mouth, some of which even adds to the tapestry of colours on what was once a pristine white table cloth. Salute and buon appetito.

So what is food?

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