3 Things to remember this festive season

Three Things To Remember This Festive Season

With the festive season in full swing, it is quite difficult to not get caught up in all of the festivities. We all begin to start scrambling around to ensure our FOMO levels are kept at a manageable rate.  As we try to unwind, we seem to get more and more stressed to ensure that everything is done on time, everything has been stocked up, all the right people will be able to make it and the list goes on. But is this really what the festive season is all about? Aren’t we supposed to be relaxing, with family and loved ones and enjoying a lovely meal as we reflect on the year that has been? And, I must really stress the point of relaxing because I don’t think many of us quite know how to do that. That is my idea of a perfect holiday, but everyone is different. With that being said, there are a few things you can try to keep in mind when attempting to enjoy festive season and ensuring that everyone has a good time.

Stock up on important things

Walking into the shops these days feels like a war zone, with explosions of colour and glitter around every corner tempting you to dive deep into your pockets and possibly spend money that you should rather have saved for the terror that is January.  It is so hard not to fall victim to their alluring colours with promises of sweet pleasures, and forget the real reason you actually needed to go to the shop in the first place. Before we know it, we have a trolley filled with the all the building blocks to build your very own chocolate factory.  Just focus on the important things, you would be surprised to see how much you save if you manage to limit yourself to only buying what you really need and walking right past items that you don’t.

It is only as crazy as you make it

The festive season tends to bring the inner child out of everyone. Question is, are they the happy baby or the temper tantrum baby? I think most of us would prefer to be the happy baby.  For us to be able to allow ourselves to be that happy child, first we have to learn to let go. As hard as that can be, it really is a case of just focusing on what really matters and not to think too much about things that don’t. We just have to try to stay calm and have faith that we have done all that can be done and it’s now just a case of enjoying the ride.  The more frantic your mind is when it is filled with thing that are out of your control, the more stress you put on yourself. As a result we tend to lose focus and moods tend to change towards the undesirable. Take a deep breath and stay calm.


A lot of people find this as being a case of ‘easier said than done.’  With all our demanding careers and commitments it’s hard to let the mind switch off and take in your surroundings.  Which is exactly what we should be challenging ourselves to do more of. Take a step back, take a deep breath, feel the breeze and simply just have a look at all the beauty that is nature that is all around us.  Take pictures of the happy moments and last but not least, try do something small to make someone else happy. Enjoy the festive season!

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