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New Ooooby Team Member wanted for Ooooby Auckland in 2020

Keen to join The Ooooby Crew? … make a difference by working for a social enterprise with a mission to make the food system local and sustainable, have a positive impact on the environment and on people’s lives….


We are looking for a fun loving and easy going, but hard working and somewhat a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades” person, who is able to troubleshoot and think on their feet quickly. Must be adaptable and flexible with regards to the role and requirements as well as timing (there will be the odd long day from time to time).

Strong communication skills and relationship building experience. Need to be able to make decisions on the go, as well as work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Good administrative capabilities and above average computer literacy – ideally also to be au fait with social media. Must be able and willing to oversee people and roll up their sleeves and muck in with the team when, and if needed. There is no job to big or too small, and no person is too good for any job on any given day – hairnet anyone?

The team member that will join the Ooooby Auckland crew will also need to fill their days, operate independently and work proactively during the slower operational times in order to help keep moving the business forward and bring some new innovative ideas to the table. There is plenty of scope to do this while having a laugh and keeping things light hearted and bringing your own ideas to the business.

Strong will and conviction in beliefs are important characteristics we are looking for, but so to is humility and willingness to consider the ideas, opinions and circumstances of others.

Ideally a health conscious, environmentally aware foodie or at least food enthusiast. Preferably a conscientious individual that understands the impacts of the food choices they make in a personal capacity. Most suitably with an interest in healthy eating, organic farming and sustainable living.

A friendly, family oriented peoples person. Being aligned with our company ethos – someone that truly wants to add value in what they are doing, will work tirelessly to ensure that people are happy and every situation needs to be approached with the aim of finding a win-win outcome.  If this, and what we stand for resonates with you, then you would probably be an awesome fit for Ooooby and we’d love to hear from you.

Job Requirements / Description:

Logistics, Customer Service & Marketing:

– Overseeing of weekly and ongoing operations.

– Managing and working with staff

– Logistics & supply chain management

– Product procurement and supplier relationships

– Customer relations and customer service 

– Laughing and helping bring laughter to the Ooooby hub.

– Involvement with online / social media management, marketing and sales

– online content generation (blog, newsletter, social media, product content)

-Compassion to others

Applications and CVs to: / 022 5005 123

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