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Ooooby and Masterchef Tim Read host intimate dinner to chew over mental health

There is something magical about people sharing good food together.

Interesting and meaningful conversations flow naturally.

An intimate setting inspires conversations that are real, honest and personal.

Over three evenings in July this year Ooooby had the pleasure of collaborating with 2015 MasterChef winner Tim Read to bring people together around a dinner table of wholesome, healthy and finely prepared food.

It’s called Table-Talk.

Its purpose is to create an intimate setting that encourages conversation around nutrition, wellness and mental health.

Total strangers. Personal questions. Zero alcohol.

Here’s what happened…

Raw, honest and vulnerable – A real success

Real, honest conversation

“I gained some learning of self and inspiration around the sharing with strangers, and enjoyed the conversations and stories”

Table-Talk was a series of dinners hosted at Unserhaus in Parnel. It provided a space for people to share food and conversation on mental health and well being.

Attendees included academics, health professionals, long term Ooooby customers and NZ’s own Nano Girl, Dr Michelle Dickinson.

“It was really interesting and enlightening to hear different people’s perspectives around mental health”

Chef Tim broke the ice by sharing his own story about his struggles with mental health and explained how real food played a significant role in his recovery.

He then inspired guests with his culinary skills by serving his fine dining creations made from organic produce that anyone can purchase from Ooooby online – and prepare at home.

Thought provoking and conversation guiding questions - Ooooby Table Talk with Chef Tim Read
Thought provoking and guiding conversational prompts

Guests were guided throughout the evening by thoughtful prompts and laughter-filled moments. They opened up to vulnerable dialogue and the blossoming of new friendships around the comfort and intimacy of a expertly-set dinner table.

Good conversation at the Ooooby and Tim Read Table-Talk event

“The concept of Food and Mental Health is a great idea. It was great to sit around a table, eat delicious food which provided a safe place to discuss a difficult topic. The food was amazing and on que with providing nourishment to the soul in a healthy way.”

Raising awareness about mental health in New Zealand

Mental health in New Zealand and globally is not only a growing concern, but it is becoming epidemic.

Fortunately, scientific studies now show a link between nutrition, mental health and physical well being.

Tim shared how he learned this through personal experience, but scientific confirmation gives us even more motivation to eat organic whole foods and take care of ourselves.

Ooooby and Tim hosted the Table-Talk Dinner Series to raise awareness about food and health, but also to get people asking important questions about how their food was grown and where it was made.

“For me it was an opportunity to listen to others, an opportunity to express my own situation, to hear how others have dealt with their own mental health, what initiatives are happening their own communities. I met lovely people and had the opportunity to sample and learn our to cook exquisite cuisine.”

Real connection and shared emotion - Ooooby and Tim Read's Table-Talk
Real connection

What lies ahead for Table-Talk?

The Table-Talk dinners highlighted issues and brought much needed conversation about physical and mental wellness into focus.

Guests, Chef Tim and the Ooooby team enjoyed the food, the conversation and the atmosphere.

Thanks to the phenomenal success of this inaugural dinner series, more events are expected in the future to raise awareness about the connection between food and health.

By breaking down misconceived perceptions, Ooooby aims to support New Zealanders on their journey to become healthier and happier.

Don’t just eat well, eat wellness.

Bon Appetit!

Ooooby organic produce converted into restaurant quality food by Chef Tim Read.

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