What is TAG2 Produce? Is it fair to call it “ugly”?

What is TAG2 Produce and is it fair to call it “ugly”

TAG 2 Produce: Eh????

When it comes to fresh produce, or any food product in general, there need to be standards in place. Some reference, which can be used as a yardstick for comparison and to make it clear to everyone involved what is expected and what they will get.

The “TAG” system is one that was introduced many moons ago, primarily for industry “stakeholders” for the following reasons:

  1. Help buyers make informed produce purchases
  2. Assist buyers in purchasing the quality of produce to meet their needs
  3. Assist suppliers of quality product to be rewarded for their produce

This does however also relate to consumers and us “everyday” Joe and Jill Soaps. We too would like to know what we are getting.

The system is essentially a simple one that segregates produce into different “quality brackets”. These have been established based on pre-set requirements for “good quality products” and most of the criteria used are good and fair. Sadly though, due to years of marketing and now consumer “expectations”, the appearance of a product, rather than the actual nutritional value, or means of growth (organic – free form all the nasties), are not given much weighting at all, so then, what really is true “value or quality”?

TAG standards / Grade Standards:

Currently the 3 TAG standards set for “acceptable” produce that can be taken to market are as follows:

  • TAG1 – This is the first grade for top quality produce
  • TAG2 – This is the secondary grade for good quality produce
  • TAG3 – This is the minimum grade for acceptable quality produce

The different “TAGs” therefore come with a different price too. In our opinion, the actual quality and real value is not given enough weighting, but is this always a bad thing?

Ooooby’s Opinion:

We love TAG2 products! In particular organic TAG2 products. All fruit and veg is beautiful to us, and if it is grown following organic principals and in healthy soil we know it is nutritionally dense too!

The outer appearance of an item is not only what we look at. If a product has had to fight hard to get around a rock in the ground and ends up a little bent or “wobbly”, or perhaps became somewhat blemished during harsh weather conditions, but is still mostly good on the inside, we want it! Some might even say that these products are the overachievers, having overcome hardship to become what they are now. We want to see this produce going to a home and becoming a part of a family meal. Not discarded as waste.

There are also other added benefits of this – because society has decided that these examples of nature’s perfect imperfections are of less “value”, it means that we can source them at a more affordable price and therefore give you better value / more volume in your Ooooby order.

So when you see TAG2 products in your Ooooby box, don’t be alarmed, but rather be excited. You will be getting great organic produce, playing a part in preventing food wastage, and even more bang for your buck!

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