Boost your immunity!

Boost your immunity!

You may have noticed a slight crispness to the early mornings…

Autumn is approaching…

With it comes less sun, more rain and it’s the time of year when we are most likely to catch something.

Why not start now and give your immune system a boost!

One of the lovely suppliers to Ooooby Christchurch, Cornelia from KoruKai Herb Farm, has written up a piece with advice, and here are the main points summarised for you:

Eat a varied, colourful diet

Include a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables that are organically grown, nutrient-rich, seasonal and pesticide-free (oh look – just like those supplied by Ooooby!!)

Eat the rainbow! Add colour and therefore a wide range of nutrients and antioxidants to your diet. Include fermented foods in order to nourish and replenish your gut microbiome. Remember 70% of your immune system resides in your gut.

Get plenty of sleep and eat less in the evening.

While we sleep our body recovers and melatonin is released. It is not just a sleep hormone, it is also an immune priming hormone. So if you don’t get enough sleep your entire immune system is dysfunctional. Avoid having your main meal of the day before bedtime so your body can concentrate on detox processes in the body and not on digesting food.

Reduce stress

As hard as it may sound in our busy world, do take some time for yourself. Enjoy a walk in nature, at the beach and by a river. Spend time with loved ones – nothing better than a meal enjoyed with family and friends around a table filled with laughter.

Herbs and Herbal Remedies for Immune and Lung Support

One of Cornelia’s most valued herbs is elderberries and it is used in all of KoruKai’s immune support remedies. Elderberries have a role to play in the health and integrity of our mucous membrane barriers. They have been used for winter ills and chills for centuries.

Collect easily accessible and wild herbs like thyme, hyssop and plantain; they make a fabulous tea.

So whatever your plan of action, remember that eating a wide variety of fresh, seasonal, organic produce will aid your body in the quest to remain healthy. The food we eat is the first of the building blocks we use to create a healthy body and immunity. Be conscious of what you use to set that foundation.

And of course remember that food can bring joy. Don’t forget to enjoy the privilege and pleasure of sharing good food with great people – perhaps that is the best elixir for a healthy life!

Buon Appetito!

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